Latest update: June 21, 2019 (section Other brands and badges)

to my private and non-commercial vintage Star drums website!

This website is dedicated to vintage Star drums, the predecessor of the worldwide
known and well-reputated drum company, TAMA.
I intended to make it look like a virtual vintage drum museum, containing a collection
of photos of old Star drumsets and other Star-related information as well.

A Brief History
Star was founded in 1961 by the Japanese company Hoshino Gakki and first started
manufacturing drums in 1965. In 1974 the company changed its name from STAR
to TAMA - so the documentation of this website will stop exactly there: it’s all about
vintage Star, only!

Star Drums
It is my deep desire to keep the roots of this fantastic drums up from being forgotten.
In parallel, the community of vintage drums lovers is constantly growing worldwide.
Especially over the last years the verve for vintage drums, their sound and their flair
has found more and more fans. And I know from several drum forums, that amongst
those there’s a group of people, who have a soft spot for Star drums. This website is
dedicated to them.

Show me ***YOUR *** Star drumset/s, please!

This website is some kind of ‘interactive’ and shall stay vivid for a long time.
So if you proudly own a Star drumset (or any other set with a name mentioned on
this website at Other Brands & Badges ), you may send me pictures of it and I’ll be
more than happy to present it here, too!
Well, but I have two requests in this regard:
Please kindly reduce the pic to the drums - and don’t add any person or even a pet to the drumset:
this website shall maintain it’s special focus to Star drums.
Secondly, if you have a modified (in terms of rewrapping) drumset, it’s ok for me - but, please, kindly
don’t send me any photos of furtheron converted drumsets (as e.g. with substituted lugs, black tom
hoops or similar). I’d like to keep the charm of the drums on this website as original as possible.
Thank you in advance!

Show me your genuine Star drumsets - and let’s share them with all the other vintage
Star drums lovers out there - all over the world.


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