‘Midget’ drums - drumsets for drumming kids:
For a certain time Star produced drumsets for children as well.
Being naturally under special treatment by youngsters, it is obvious, that these small
sized drums underwent not only rough playing, but also other handling ...
... making such drumsets hard to find nowadays, especially in good condition.
Furtheron you can also see ‘Cocktail’ drums in this section.
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 Star ‘Midget’ Drums from the late 60’s, in Red Marine Pearl, 16”/ 9” + matching 10” wooden snare drum (Ray, Douglasville, USA)
 Rectangular/ silver Star badge
 Remarks: drumset has only one badge, on top of the bass drum, genuine bass drum pedal


 Star from the 60’s, in Red Sparkle Pearl, 16” x 24” (Rocky, Flemington, USA)
 Rectangular/ silver Star badge
 Remarks: a very rare ‘cocktail drum kit’ version


 Star ‘Starfield’ Drums from around 1967, in Red Sparkle Pearl, 16” + matching 14” wooden snare drum (Mike, Lugoff, USA)
 Round/ silver Star badges
 Remarks: this small drumset was called ‘Starfield cocktail outfit’ back in those days, cowbell holder at the snare drum is original


 King’s Stone ‘Starfield’ Drums from around 1970,in White (Marine) Pearl,16”+matching 14”wooden snare drum (Terry, Lyndoch, Australia)
 King’s Stone badges
 Remarks: again, a very rare so called ‘Starfield cocktail outfit’ with it’s genuine cowbell holder at the snare drum


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