Why should I start presenting a vintage website, full of information about Star drums?
Here’s my personal love story behind it:

Back in the early 1970’s - exactly: in August 1974 – I bought my first serious drumset:
a brand new Royal Star kit at a music store here in Northern Germany (I still can
recall that moment like it was yesterday). I played it for approx. 10 years, and I was
happy with it: it was perfectly suitable for the time in my first school band, lateron for
gigging at weddings, dances etc., etc.. Later, in the 80’s, I stopped playing drums due
to starting a business career.
While growing older, building up a family and after the birth of my son, I thought I’d
NEVER touch the drumset again … So I sold the complete set. What a huge mistake!
As a child grows up, I should have considered, that there will be a time again, when
I would have time again, huh ... ?!
So, after a 17 years stop, I started playing drums again, first with a cheap set. But
the desire, to own my first Royal Star drumkit again, became bigger and bigger …


Long story short, I was able to find out
where the drummer lived, to whom I once
had sold this kit. He still owned it and told
me, that he had been 100 % satisfied with
it always. But I started to hassle him to
resell it back to me.
Finally it lasted one year talking to him,
forcing him gently …
Now it’s mine again!
Since then, I’ve bought a second Royal Star
drumkit with exactly the same configuration,
so that I don’t need to dismount my beloved
rehearsal set at home any time we’re gigging.

(C) 2019