Besides drumsets, Star produced a number of percussion instruments as well.
Here’s the place to show them! Latest entries of photos: at the bottom of this page.

 Star Bongos from the 60’s, in Gold Sparkle Pearl (Brian, Port Colborne, Canada)
 Oval/ black Star badge
 Remarks: a nice pair with the badge from the drumsets


 Star Congas in natural finish (Ken, Victoria, Australia)
 Special Star badge
 Remarks: a very rare pair of congas with the Star badge, rare, too!


 Star Tambourine from the late 60’s, in Chrome (Brian, Port Colborne, Canada)
 Rectangular/ silver Star badge (label running horizontal)
 Remarks: a beautiful instrument in excellent condition, including it’s rare genuine packaging


 Star Tambourine from the late 60’s, in Gold Eddy Satin Flame (Ray, Douglasville, USA)
 Rectangular/ silver Star badge (label running horizontal)
 Remarks: a very rare piece made of wood; the label on the right says ‘Quality Tambourine’ and on the inside: ‘Made in Japan’


 Revelle Bongos from the 60’s, in Red Sparkle Pearl (Marc, California, USA)
 Revelle badge
 Remarks: a nice pair in immaculate condition with it’s genuine packing


 Star Bongos from the 60’s, in Two-tone wood with deluxe lacquer finish (Offer, Cologne, Germany)
 Star badge
 Remarks: head sizes are 8” and 6.5”


 Star Bongos from the early 70’s, in Fantasia Pearl (Jeff, Newcastle, UK)
 Star badge
 Remarks: a pair in the rare Fantasia Pearl finish


 Star Latin Timbales from the early 70’s, 13” and 14” (Ismo, Kangasala, Finland)
 No badges
 Remarks: extremely rare, and these timbales still have the original heads with a Star logo


 Star Bongos from the late 60’s, in White (Marine) Pearl, above: 4” and 5”, bottom: 6.5” and 8” (Ray, Douglasville, USA)
 Oval/ black Star badge on the bottom bongos
 Remarks: rare set of four bongos, especially the smaller ones


 Star Bongos from the 60’s, in natural finish, 6.5” and 8” (Matilda, Auckland, New Zealand)
 Rare early Star badge, which I have seen so far on Star percussion instruments only
 Remarks: a rare set of early Star bongos


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