In order to keep it simple, all drumsets made by Star can be put into just four
different groups, to be distinguished by the shape of the lugs (please note: I’ve named
the lugs according to the original Star spare part codes, listed in the respective
catalogues from that time):


Lug Type 920
Appearing at the very first Star drums, this type was used
throughout all times of Star drums production.

Lug Type 924
Added to some drums at the end of the 60’s, and appearing
until the end of the Star drums era.

Lug Type 6370
Coming up first in the early 70’s until the end of Star.
These lugs continued also on some of the very early TAMA
drums for a short period of time.

All this lugs were placed either straight or offset (sometimes also called staggered)
to the shells of rack toms or snare drums. Especially because these vintage rack
toms and snare drums are mainly shallow in height, Star had to place the lugs offset.
In some cases even the lugs at the bass drums were placed in the offset style, but
such bass drums are rare to find.

But there was also another type possible:


Lug Type 921
Center lugs for bass drums and toms, appearing in the 60’s
at drumsets as well.

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