Although my first idea was to present drumsets with original wrap only, finally
I’ve decided to give those of you, who have also put lots of love and elbow grease
into rewrapping your drumset, a chance, too. So here’s the category, where there’s a place for such drumkits.
Note: these drumsets here are not categorised into the three different lug shapes.
Latest entries of photos: at the bottom of this page.

 Star from ca. 1967-1970, in Turquoise Sparkle, 20”/ 13”/ 13”/ 16” plus cocktail drum (Brian, Port Colborne, Canada)
 Round/ silver Star badges
 Remarks: the addition is a rare 16” x 24” ( ! ) cocktail drum in the matching finish; please also note the staggered lugs at the rack toms


 Star in Gold Sparkle, 22”/ 12”/ 16” + matching 14” wooden snare drum (Andrew, Napier, New Zealand)
 no badges
 Remarks: later rail consolette type


 Majestic in White Marine Pearl, 20”/ 12”/ 14” (Charlie, Omaha, USA)
 Majestic badges
 Remarks: rare offset lugs overall


 Bollero or Majestic in Pewter/ Silver Vinyl Sparkle Fabric, 20”/ 12”/ 14” (Josh, Atlante, USA)
 No badges
 Remarks: rare offset lugs overall, bass drums spurs are a modern style replacement


 Star from the late 60’s, in Chrome Red, 20”/ 12”/ 14” plus matching 14” wooden snare drum (Julien, Versailles, France)
 Round/ silver Star badges
 Remarks: a nicely refurbished drum kit (with an US-wrap)


 Bollero from the late 60’s, in White Oyster, 22”/ 12”/ 14”/ 16” plus 14” King Beat snare drum (Mirko, Grasellenbach, Germany)
 Round/ silver Star badges (replicas from me)
 Remarks: a nicely refurbished drum kit (with an US-wrap) plus an additional 14” floor tom out of the ArtStar series, also rewrapped


 Bollero from the late 60’s, in Sapele (real wood veneer), 22”/ 12”/ 13”/ 16” plus 14” metal snare drum (Tim, Emmelshausen, Germany)
 Bollero badges
 Remarks: a great looking wood finish, plus matching genuine hardware parts


 Star from the late 60’s, in Psychedelic Citrus Mod, 20”/ 12”/ 16” (Gary, Warren, USA)
 Round/ silver Star badges (badges are replicas from me)
 Remarks: a beautiful refurbished drum kit; genuine tom holder is existing,but the tom is preferably played this way:on a separate stand


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