It is common to all vintage Star drumsets, that they were manufactured in Japan
(so they belong to the group of nowadays so called MIJ drumsets).
Through it’s roughly one decade of existence, Star manufactured three drum lines:

1st: Star
Sets with such badges were produced from the beginning until the end of Star in the
year 1973, when the name Star interchanged to TAMA.

2nd: DrumMate
This was the budget line of Star. They appeared first in 1966 and ended at the
same time as Star, in 1973. The quality (shells and hardware) was equal to all
other Star drums but, there were some details less than at Star drums, as e.g.
bass drums with six lugs per side only.

3rd: Bollero
Bollero was another line at Star, which didn’t differ in the details, besides a badge
stating Bollero instead of Star.
It’s difficult to say, when the Bollero line came up first: perhaps it happened in the
early 70’s but, it’s drumsets ended at the same time with Star, in 1973.

Today the predominant opinion is that Star also sold its drumsets under other
names, perhaps due to the distributors’ wishes to present their own drum names for
their markets.
For such drumsets, the page Other Brands & Badges is dedicated.

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