Stars on stage:
Star drumsets are reliable and excellent sounding equipment, ready to stand your
performance at any location worldwide. And here’s the place where you can present
yourself playing your beloved Star drumset at a gig.
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 Jose Pedro Mollinedo with Bohemia Suburbana.
 Gig at the Gran Teatro Nacional, Guatemala City, Guatemala CA, May 08, 2014


 Jörg Fischer, solo.
 Gig at the Kreativfabrik, Wiesbaden, Germany, April 05, 2014 (photo courtesy by Sabine Stamm)


 Thommy Rau with The Apemen.
 Gig at the Theater im Viertel, Saarbrücken, Germany, October 20, 2017


 Falko Eckey with The Nannys.
 Gig at a festival in Worms, Germany, May 11, 2018


 That’s me with my band Ocean’s Daughter.
 Gig at the One World Cultural Center in Reinstorf, Germany, April 14, 2019


 Yehuda Rakia with ‘Rhythm & Zooz’.
 Gig at the First Station in Jerusalem, Israel, September 11, 2019


 Erik Wouwenaar with ‘Mojo Overdrive’.
 Gig at the Café Sid Bie De Buren in Siddeburen, The Netherlands, December 22, 2019


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